(1 Tile (30cm x 30cm ), A08) - Art3d Liquid Dance Floor Colourful Home Decor

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Size: 1 Tile (30cm x 30cm )

Colour: A08

Product Features

Liquid fusion dance floors are currently available in many colour patterns. These modular liquid-filled dance floor tiles are made of two sheets of PVC with an anti-slip mat on back, these fluid dance floors never cease to dazzle and amuse
1. Breakthrough of the inherent form of ground tile with fluid flowing in between high-density inter layer, creating an unprecedented space interaction;
2. Like the colourful effect of works of impressionism, abundant choices of colour for different needs of arrangement;
3. Special polymer material , abrasion-resistant, skid proof, can provide effective protection;
4. Follow the trend of green low-carbon at current time, all the material is nontoxic and non-radiant and can be recycled.
5. Maximum environment temperature: 60 centigrade degree.