600 feet Jute Burlap Twine Balls Large and Heavy | 3 Ply (150 Feet) 4 Ball Set

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<p><i><b>Natural Jute Twine Large Ball by AAYU | 3 Ply 150 Feet | 4 Ball Set | Natural, Green, Purple, Red Colors | Jute Rope for Artworks, DIY Crafts, Decoration</b></i></p> <ol> <li>Beautiful and simple natural twines.</li> <li>100% natural and Eco-friendly.</li> <li>Our jute twines are available in 4 colors: Natural, Green, Purple and Red. Each roll is about 150 Feet and 3 ply.</li> <li>Perfect for craft projects, gifts, Christmas tree embellishment, home decorations, glass decorations, wedding shower favors, and to decorate wine bottles.</li> <li>They make great vase and bowl fillers to add a rustic touch to your home. </li> </ol><br><p><b>Package Includes: </b>4 X Jute Twine Ball</p><br><p> Grab your natural jute twine balls today and let the creative juices flow. <p>