Burlap pillow Good Morning - Coffee cushion with pad Printed pillow case

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Quality and grade Removable cover made of original ☕️ coffee burlap bag.
Pillow filling made of polyester fibers is included.

📐 Size 45 cm x 45 cm (18"x18")

Do you want to make the world cleaner and make your interior original? Yes:) or No :(
If YES I want, Grab it!

👍 Benefits and social proof: 👌

✔ By buying this pillow I'm participating in the global cleanliness movement (Zero Waste) in the world. Unique coffee bags transform into original products, instead of being discarded. 
✔ Only one and only for me.
✔ A stylish and original pillow will be the taming of my interior. The pillow will decorate my home and add originality.
✔ An original print from a coffee bag with a unique burlap texture.
✔ Strong seams made on a professional sewing machine using durable threads.
✔ 100% Polyester Hollow fibre Filling
✔ A unique pillow bag made with love for appreciate originality, environmental friendliness and who are ready to give a second life for the things that surround us. Original coffee bags in combination with various materials. This rustic style pillow is stylish, textured, incredibly bright with a unique print.
✔ Designed to accompany me in my every day life and give a unique, original bohemian touch in my look!

P.S. Yes. I want it, but I need some correction? Maybe I have my own idea?  No problem!!!
All our products can be customized by your imagination, included size, details, print. Feel free for contact us.

❗ Care notes:
 - do not recommend washing the pillow in the washing machine, preferably hand washing. (print may lose brightness)
- do not use bleaching agents
- do not tumble dry, let dry naturally
- try not to use an iron