DECORA 36 Yards Artificial Gold Leaf Ribbon Trim for Wreath Making Wrapping Wedding Decoration

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Gold, the color of life. Leaves, the sign of growth.

  • Do you want fun creative wedding photos of you and your wedding party?
  • Would you like to have one of the most romantic weddings?
  • Do you want to surprise him at your friend's party?


Gold Leaf leave ribbon trim spool of 10 yards

Our DECORA Brand fabric leaf ribbon is great home and party DIY decoration with daily life.

1.They are very easy to use them to decorate plant stand, bedroom, living room, or kitchen.Perfect for creating fantastic quilts and other crafts.Lots of small fine ivy for use in floral crafts or costumes.

2.The earthy, nature vibe it gives to your classroom environment.Added a great touch to your decorations.

3.This ribbon is so elegant, so beautiful. You can use it for a fall wedding to decorate our cake and refreshment table. It is delicate, yet sturdy and arrives packaged inside a cardboard box. Perfect for special occasions.

4.The vine is also plenty easy to work with. When you went to hot glue gun the vine onto my crown base, it glued easily. The underside of the vines is a slightly different texture that is a little bit more porous than the top side.

5.The top side of each blade has a sheen to it, similar to silk. So, gluing the blades down was no problem, since the porous part of it helps to adhere better to the glue. This makes all the difference to you because you do not want your crowns to fall apart at the wedding, during dancing or pictures etc.