FUNFLO Roll of Moss Table Runner for Woodland Wedding Decor, Green (12" x71" (30 x 180 cm))

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Color: 12" X71" ( 30 X 180 Cm )

FUNFLO Green Moss Table Runner for Wedding,Home Decor, Arts and Crafts

Table runners are no longer plain and simple strips of cloth used as a base for your table centrepieces. With these unique runners, you can forego your tablecloths entirely or use it as an outstanding textural accent.
Great as a main feature on your wedding tables, this moss table runner brings the lush outdoors inside!
Green or even floral table runners are just stunning! The moss table runner will look amazing with candles, such a decoration is perfect for any style from holiday to bohemian.

Measures 71-inch length by 12-inch width

12" x71" Natural moss runner/mat.
Decorate window box planters.
Natural retail display liner.
Flower displays and arrangements.

Ready for you to add your personal touches: fabric flowers, etc.