Q-YO 7/8" 5yd Baseball/Softball Prints Ribbon for Crafts, Gift Wrapping, Cheer Bows, Pony Streamers.(Seams)

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7/8 inch patterned satin cloth fabric ribbon. Jigsaw puzzle ribbon patch prints. Perfect for crafting, hairbow and bow tie making, holiday and birthday party gifts wrapping. High quality ribbon is constructed of a sturdy weave. Hold up under sewing, embroidering machine and glue gun usage. Can be used as hair ribbon for braids, tie bows on ponytail or pigtail; best material to cover the metal alligator clip or wrap baby girls headbands.

Jigsaw ribbon design printed on one side of the white ribbon. Use with autism awareness wristbands, autism awareness ribbon and autism awareness pins for fundraise campaign. Great price for wholesale bulk ribbon.

Unlike floral curling ribbon, all grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, sheer organza ribbon and fold over elastic ends need to be sealed to prevent from fraying so no loose strings. Just swipe the ribbon ends through candle flame, it'll do the trick. For other methods, please google "0.5--Seal Ribbon Ends. We strive to offer high quality products and attentive services. Our products span a wide range of interests: ribbons and bows for gift and for hair accessories; metal hair clips (craft supplies); pre-made hair accessories, craft show and retail necessities.