Toddler Pillowcase 100% Natural Silk - Soft, Hypoallergenic, Kids Pillow Cover 13x18 - Skin and Hair Benefits (Blue)

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Color: Blue

Kids Design Pillowcase, 100% Mulberry Silk on Both Sides, 19 Momme

Size: 13x18 inches (33x46 cm)

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IDEAL FOR KIDS BEDTIMES AND NAPS: This high quality luxurious silk pillowcase has some adorable characters and whimsical tales waiting to be unravelled.

FUNCTION: Pure silk has an organic composition that leaves the natural moisture on your baby cheeks and hair, avoiding skin dryness and tangled hair. It is also a natural temperature regulator, ultra soft and brethable. High quality silk is hypoallergenic and using it as material for beddings significantly reduces the allergy risk.

DURABLE: A fiber of silk that is of same diameter as a fiber of steel is said to be stronger. And because silk naturally tends to adhere to itself, the silk filaments bond themselves making them less likely to pull apart or receive dirt, even after many years of use.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Silk is easier to wash than you may think!

Silk has a natural tendency to release dirt quicker and is easier to wash than you may think.

Hand wash:use lukewarm watter with pH neutral soap or with shampoo. Do not soak too long. Rinse in cool water and roll the pillowcase in a towel to remove excess water. Do not wrig water from any silk item. Silk dries fast naturally. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Machine wash: Use the program dedicated to silk or delicate fibers. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on very low heat for a very short time only if necessary.

Backside iron at 100° - 120° (you can place 1pcs cloth on the inside).
Don't use water when ironing.

DESIGN: inspired by children tales and stories.

1 × silk pillowcase with giftbox